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We are a IT Solution Company based in Florida, USA founded by Dominic and NP Singh in 2009. Together we design and develop and spaces.

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Dominic Beaulieu


I have been a small scale business owner for 25 years and counting, I have seen first-hand the shares of ups and setbacks associated with owning a business. Over the years, i have set to unravel why ROI is unstable over the 12 calendar period; some month’s gets awesome while others go a little low with ROI. I was simple losing a great deal until my wife found these wonderful business consultants with all the educational title and skills to go along with their titles.

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NP Singh


Narendra Singh is Co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) for Vanguard Solutions. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His aim to build and deliver top notch cloud application solution. He has over 8 years of highly focused experience in application and software development along with architecting of enterprise level business applications. He is widely regarded as a leading expert in Cloud computing using various technologies.