The Problem

We know how difficult it is to manage our projects, resources, expenses and tasks. It’s our daily based activity which requires lots of manpower and time. But still by using every possible way we are not be able to optimize the business process, tracking of our projects and tasks, managing resources etc. Things get more complex when you need to track an activity where your resources are doing their tasks onsite or at the client site directly, which involves daily based maintenance work, construction Labour or conducting surveys in different areas.

How Did We Designed it?

Every business solution invented from their problem statement, this is what we were experiencing. Dominic, Director at Vanguard Solution experienced the kind of business problems which we need to manage on site jobs and tracking of their employee’s activities. We observed the pain points in the business process and how to conquer them, by building a solution which made that job very effectively and optimally. We started working on an Application which manages the resources, projects, clients and tracks their project activities very efficiently. We tried and tested that application in our own business first, to make it more robust and efficient, Which results Timed-In Application, an application which helps any kind of business organization(Small, Medium and Enterprise) to handle their daily based activities of managing resources, timesheets, projects, clients, expenses etc.

Why We?

Timed-In tracks project activity based on geographical location, which brings transparency into the projects and also minimize the employees’ work by handling the tracking part by itself, which helps employees to concentrate on their works and duties. Timed-In also helps to manage your clients, projects, expenses, vendors and inventory etc. to give a single place solution.