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Around 1 in 3 consumers won’t even make a purchase without first researching a business and seeing their online presence.

While this may initially sound absurd, a company’s digital presence now acts as a checkpoint of their credibility.

As an online catalog of products and services, a place for testimonials and reviews, and a center for buyers to actually make purchases, a properly built website will be the core of your successful yachting business.

Keeping reading for the steps you can take to grow your business today.

Seek High-Quality Website Design

Website Design

Did you know that roughly one half of website visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds? And about 2 in 5 will leave that website if the loading process takes more than 3.

That’s right, there’s not much room for error with consumer these days. Your website has to be fast, easy to use, and high quality from the get-go.

A successful website will integrate high-quality design that enables them to display their content and brand story in an engaging way and provide quality customer care.

Often, easy-to-fix website mistakes can end up decreasing a website’s sales without a company even realizing it.

Additionally, for the yachting business, high-quality website design can be particularly helpful with customer service. In an industry with high price tags, consumers want to know that they have the proper support and value for their money.

Your website must provide them all the information, services, and reassurance that they need. Incredible customer service is easier with a great website.

SEO is the Key!


You won’t have customers if customers can’t find you.

Today, marketing online is found in an acronym: SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is fostered through keywords, articles, blog posts, product titles, product descriptions, text links, and more that makes your site relevant to your customers.

Keeping a flow of traffic to your site will allow you to maintain business, and it takes hard work. It requires you to know your brand story and constantly update and maintain your content.

In a yachting business, SEO is essential because you’re competing against all the other content out there.

If another yachting website has better SEO than you do, they’ll ultimately drive more traffic to their site and make more sales.

Follow Mobile-First Approach

Mobile First

Think about how many times you’ve personally searched for a topic on a phone or tablet rather than on a computer.

You might even be reading this on your phone right now. Ensuring that your website is adapted for mobile phones, tablets, and any other platform is crucial to reaching your customers where they are.

This mobile site must also have a high-quality design because 53 percent of mobile users click off of a website within 3 seconds of a page not loading on their phone or tablet.

Yacht users are unlikely to be sitting around at computers all day. They’re on the go and ensuring that they can use your site wherever they are will help you grow your yachting business.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to grow your yachting business with a properly built website through High-Quality design, Great SEO, and a mobile platform, there’s no better way to do it than with Vanguard Solution.

Their industry-leading technology services will help you create solutions for your business that truly work. Call them today for more information at (954) 934-2820 or learn more on their website.